Lumber Jacked: Crimes Against Nature Director's Cut

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    Categories: Erotic, Jerk-off, Asslicking, Fisting, Anal, DVD, Megasites, American, Anal
    Added: 2011-04-01
    Duration: 1:56
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    Tags: lumber, jacked:, crimes, nature, director, lumbermen, michael, soldier, andy, hunter, felling, trees, indulge, finer, pleasures, erotic, play, chain, saws, whine, background, devote, themselves, fleshy, exploration, stimulation, kiss, fondle, working, steamy, session, sucking, fucking, p
    Lumbermen Michael Soldier and Andy Hunter take a break from felling trees to indulge in the finer pleasures of erotic play. As chain saws whine in the background, Michael and Andy devote themselves to fleshy exploration and stimulation. They kiss and fondle, working into a steamy session of sucking and fucking which pushes them over the edge of enthusiasm to sexual satisfaction and release. Lumberjack cover model Chris Steele has a sizable piece of wood just waiting for the attention of fellow lumberman Sky Donovan, and Sky is eagerly gets down to the business of deep-throating Chris' cock. Sky licks Chris' balls, edging Chris deeper into a sexual frenzy which leads to a demanding face-fuck and a sensational ass-pounding underneath the canopy of the forest. Against the field of trees, Michael Brandon and Rik Jammer unleash their furious libido and submit to their mutual desire. Greedy kisses are exchanged as nipples are stretched and teased. Wandering lips and fingertips stretch and splay and probe as the men become lost in the heat of the encounter. They lick, rim, suck and fuck their way into a firestorm of erotic energy before surrendering to orgasm. Chris Steele, Rik Jammer, and newcomer Titus Drumm submit to their mutual desire in a scorching session of sucking, rimming and ass-pounding after the days wood-cutting has come to an end. These three lumbermen enjoy the possibilities of erotic abandon in a forest glen. The final scene features a forest filled with fisting as Chris Steele, Sky Donovan, Rik Jammer and Michael Brandon indulge their woody desires. The ensuing wildfire of sensuality leaves these lusty lumbermen smoldering in fleshy satisfaction.

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