I Can't Stop Sucking Off Black Men

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    Categories: Erotic, Jerk-off, Big Butt, Interracial, Black, Blowjob, DVD, Megasites, American, Anal
    Added: 2010-02-02
    Duration: 2:00
    Views: 44
    Tags: stop, sucking, black, men, 1820, over, 200, brothels, new, york, city, moralists, sought, curb, prostitution, pointed, commonplace, interracial, sex, forecasted, bleak, future, sin, reflecting, fears, sexual, supremacy, racial, integration, criminalize, control, mingling, races, fast, for
    In the 1820's, when there were well over 200 known brothels in New York City alone, many of the moralists who sought to curb prostitution pointed to the commonplace of interracial sex and forecasted a bleak future should such sin continue. Reflecting white fears of black sexual supremacy and racial integration, they sought to criminalize prostitution to control the mingling of the races. Fast forward almost 200 years and several wars later, and interracial sex is still somewhat taboo in several circles. The desire is still definitely there though. Most of the white guys I talk to about modeling practically beg to have sex with black guys. It seems as though the hundreds of years that reformers tried to marginalize black men by classifying them as potent and sexually obsessed, has only made the thought of interracial sex all the more erotic. So the next time you watch a video of a big dicked black dude totally dominating and getting off on using a smooth white guy, you can thank the religious right. Without their fear, there probably wouldn't be so much desire today. Randy definitely has a desire for black men, because he confided in me that he thinks about black dicks so much he worries he can't stop sucking off black men.

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